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Recipes, cooking tips, and practical ideas for creative homemaking and gracious hospitality from recent issues of An Encouraging Word.

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  Relax. Rest. Recover. An Encouraging Word Issue #32

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F rom the heart of Skeet Savage ~ Publishers Greetings

How To Plant Wildflowers

Tidiness In Home And Heart by Brook Wayne

Conveying The Preciousness of Our Children by Teri Maxwell

Time For Change by Linda Hayase

Mrs. Bennett by Nancy Wilson

Herbal Insect Repellents by Carol Day

"I'm A Christian" - What Does That Mean? by Mercy Hope

Accepting A Friend's Grief by Dave Dravecky

Our Talent - More Than Money by Myrna Giesbrecht

Should You Declutter Before Starting A Schedule? by Teri Maxwell

Training Our Daughters by Sandy Hall

Heritage Recipes  by Vickilynn Haycraft

Love Your Enemies by Violet Escalera

Faith vs. Presumption by Meghann Plattner

Pass The Sponge by Vicky Brady

How Children Learn Values by Bobbie Reed

Are You Raising A Pharisee? by Maranatha Chapman

Thyme And Again by Joan Donaldson

Titus 2 Women's House Cleaning Guide by Andrea Will

Dig The Will Before You're Thirsty by Ruth Koch

Impressions Of Africa by Tammy Angier

The Spiritual Analogy Of A Russian Adoption by Mark Escalera

Home Maintenance And Repair by Karen Levine

Working With Wool: Learning To Spin by Melinda Kelly

Hospitality Recipe: Baked Oatmeal by Doris Martin

Overcoming Discouragement by Elizabeth M. Ours

How Thankful Are You For Fellow Christians? by John P. Moran

Love Them Enough To Fight by Mary Stewart