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Seated in Heavenly Places  #44

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S eated In Heavenly Places  by Skeet Savage

The Unspoken Language by Mercy Hope

Little Daniel by Stephen Biller

Be Prepared by Sandy Hall

You Have To Be As A Child by Maranatha Chapman

The Face Of Love by Rachel Thomson

A Parenting Secret by Brook Wayne

A Dangerous Diet by Gian Ryan

The Chair by Dina Martin

Dental Health And The Disease Connection by Debra Raybern

The Shirt Off Your Back by Donna Spann

The Attitude Of A Virtous Woman by Melody Gwynn

Recipes: Mexican Cuisine

Snake Bite Prevention And Cure by Carol Day

How Does Your Garden Grow? by Sherry Bushnell

Openness And Honesty: Letting Yourself Be Known by Melody Green

Forbearing One Another by Georgene Girouard

Spring Cleaning by Gloria M. Snider, N.D.

Grandma's Column, Pressure To Work Outside The Home

I Have A Hope by Penny Raine

You Can't Re-Read Phone Calls by Nancy Campbell