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New Lives for Old | #53

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New Lives For Old by Skeet Savage

Rainbows In The Night by Mercy Hope

Flirting With The Enemy by Jessica Meldrum

A Meek And Quiet Spirit by Georgene Girouard

Rejoicing In Persecution by Sony Elise

The Sweetest Fruit by Penny Raine

Head Housekeeper by Brook Wayne

Planting Seeds Of Hope by Kelli Beaucage

Sweet As A Honeycomb by Melissa Ringstaff

Mothers Are Memory-Makers by Nancy Campbell

Ditching The "Dis" in Discouragement by Debbie Porter

Bless And Be Blessed by Alexis Grounds


This Is The Will Of God by Rachel Thomson

The Less I Talk, The More I Listen by Terri McPherson

Gardening With Children by Diane Linsley

Recipes by Linda Kaiser

A Place For Everything by Monica Resinger

Don't You Dare Apologize by Candie A. Price

Determined To Trust by Debra Brinckley

Scriptures' Simple Menu by Christy Wade

Afternoon Tea With Grandma by Skeet Savage

Heart Surgery by Shelia Heil

Of Hopes Deferred by Natalie Nyquist

A Scar Of Remembrance by Sandy Hall

Can You Hear Me? by Marsha Jordan