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by Skeet Savage

Have you ever noticed that if two people sit down beside each other one of them will usually feel an obligation to fill up the silence between them with TALK?! More than likely it will not be anything profound—just mindless, empty chatter. Anything to fill what is often termed, “an awkward silence.”

Noise pollution is a modern-day fact of life. Machines running, horns honking, and telephones ringing—or chirping, or beeping, or chiming, or playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, as the case may be! Even in the middle of the night, motors are whirring and clocks are ticking away steadily in the darkness.

In some homes, the television set is on all day to keep the residents “company”—even when real company comes for a visit!
Noisy distractions are everywhere. And, of course, there’s no getting away from someone’s pick of obnoxious background music (usually the oldies channel) when shopping or dining out—or even just stopping to fill the car with gas! 
Grandma used to say, “It’s so noisy, I can hardly hear myself think!”

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe folks don’t want to have to think. Maybe they’re afraid that if the music stops, they will start to think about things they’d rather not think about—things they are trying hard to forget—things that the constant flow of words and noise effectively drown out


I can remember a time in my life when music was ever present throughout every waking moment. I had a radio alarm and woke to music every morning. As I went about my work during the day, the stereo was continually pumping my favorite tunes through the entire house. When traveling in the car, the radio was always on. I loved music (I still do, by the way) and just never could seem to get enough of it!


Maybe I’m just getting older, but for some time now, I’ve come to realize that I am just not as inclined to automatically reach for the stereo and “just push play.”

In fact, nowadays, I literally crave quiet like some folks crave chocolate. However, as with chocolate, I suppose it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

I remember one day a while back when all the children were gone for the entire day and I had big plans to get lots of work done. The whole house was absolutely still except for weird creaks, thumps, and house noises that I’d never heard before! I must admit, on that rare day it was so quiet I couldn’t hear myself think!!

And, along with my craving for quiet, I also find myself longing, more and more, for time alone with my precious LORD and Savior—uninterrupted, unhurried time alone.

“Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort.” (Psalm 71:3)

At times, I almost feel guilty for once again, at some point in the day, slipping away quietly and shutting the door to my room for just a few minutes to open my heart to Him and share with Him what is on my mind and hear what He has to say. What seems like such a luxury on the one hand is, in reality, akin to plugging in to spiritual life support!

“For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength...” (Isaiah 30:15)

Let’s face it, most of the hustle and bustle of our days comes from trying to GET ahead, or GET more of what we already have. Greed and covetousness are the merciless murderers of peace and quiet... (This article does not appear in it's entirety. To read the full article, you can order the back issue of an An Encouraging Word titled, "Blessed Quietness", Issue #42. Order from our back issue pages here or write to An Encouraging Word, P.O. Box 374 Covert, MI 49043)

About the author: Skeet Savage is a veteran homeschooling mother, grandmother, Founder of Wisdom’s Gate, Editor of Home School DigestAn Encouraging WordOvercoming Life Magazine, and author of the book Homeschooling For Eternity.



This article was published in An Encouraging Word issue #42, and may not be reprinted or distributed in any form without express written consent from the publisher. All Rights Reserved.