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Featured Selections From the Editor, Skeet Savage


Dear Sisters,


Several years ago, we were longing to develop a publication that spoke the heart of the LORD directly to the heart of women of all ages. As time passed, we found ourselves, more and more, talking together about this and feeling increasingly led of the LORD to develop a format for ministering practical and Biblical direction and encouragement to women from all walks of life. Slowly, but surely, a publication began to take form in our minds and we began to gather momentum towards it birth.


As we've traveled across the country with our inspirational Seminars, we've had the opportunity to meet so many of our readers face to face. We've been able to speak with you directly, and to hear your struggles, triumphs, concerns, desires, hopes, fears and joys with regards to your calling as wives, mothers, daughters and grandmothers. It is these issues, and more, that we address in each issue of An Encouraging Word.


All of us here at Wisdom's Gate Ministries thoroughly enjoy working together to bring you An Encouraging Word. Each one has unique gifts that make our combined effort, on projects such as this, an absolute delight!


We hope that you will be blessed, and very much encouraged, by the fruit of our labors. We look forward to hearing from you. Much love to you, dear Sisters!    ~ Skeet Savage